Earn By Advertising and Let Your Vehicle Work For You

Simply earn by driving your vehicle as you normally would!

Getting Started


Step 1) Sign up

Sign-up through the online form to provide us with basic information about your vehicle and key routes you drive within your city. This help us pair you with the best advertisements for your area.


Step 2) Pick a Campaign

 After you’ve completed the online form, you will receive a driver’s package, complete with everything that you need to start advertising. Drivert will also provide you with your campaign options so that you can choose your favourite and Let Your Vehicle Work For You !  

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Step 3) Drive & Earn!

Drivert will install the campaign of choice on your vehicle, and you will begin to earn. Simply driver with our installed GPS between your day to day activities. 

How much can i make?


$85 per month*


$150 per month*


$200 per month*

No Upfront Cost


Sign up, pick your favorite campaign, and drive. There are ZERO costs for you to get started.  

Earn Hundreds


You can earn hundreds a month based on the campaign you choose. 

Simple and Easy


Simply sign up, download the free GPS app and let Drivert do the rest. All you have to do is go about your day to day routine.  


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